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More than 30 years delivering solutions that enable new experiences across public spaces, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the public and those managing the facilities.

Wide range of solutions for toilet cubicles, lockers, wall cladding and other accessories.
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Telescopic seating, theater seating, lecture seating, stadium seating and more.

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NEA compliant stool and seating solutions that ensure safety of hawker center users.

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Innovative Office Furniture, carefully crafted and designed to fit offices and buildings.

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Keep your seating operational

We deliver preventive maintenance services for all seating systems, guaranteeing the continuous operational efficiency of your valuable assets.

We offer rapid responses to emergency situations, ensuring swift repairs to restore operational functionality to your systems..

We execute upgrades, modifications, or relocation tasks for any seating system within your facilities.

We assist in prolonging the lifespan of your current seating systems.

Mixing of materials can be fun

The amalgamation of diverse building materials can transform into an enjoyable and creative endeavor.

We offer comprehensive customization solutions to perfectly align with your design intentions.

We have a penchant for innovation and creativity, setting us apart from conventional construction practices.



30+ Years Track Record

BESCO performance and long-term stability has been proven over the many years of learning and growth. With a successful track record in leading market with BESCO products. We are still polishing ourselves to keep up the pace of the technology and needs.

Our Caring Customers

BESCO have supported the needs and requirements of the organization below. BESCO covers quite a wide range from Educational Institutions, Government Bodies, Healthcare, Sports & Recreational Sector and Commercial Offices & Malls.

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