BESCO™ has demonstrated great synergy working with the crème de la crème within the design and construction industries. Our brand is a pledge to our clientele that we bring only the best of our product design and services to them.

Established since 1984, BESCO™ is proud to form strategic alliance with world-renowned French manufacturer, Saint Gobain Group in 1991. The BESCO Building was constructed in the same year to accommodate offices, warehouse and factory developing closer coordination that improves operational processes.

In year 2000, the dawn of the new millennium marks a defining moment for BESCO™ as we became an independent organisation fully owned by our two founders namely, Mr Jack Sim and Mr William Sim.

In Singapore, BESCO™’s brand played an integral role in the development of the city in the past two decade. Our expertise in product and services has become our hallmark of excellence, appreciated by our clientele both regionally and globally.

With more than 30 years of experience, BESCO™ has aggressively built up an extensive network of business alliance with other partners across the globe. BESCO™ has with us an unparalleled spectrum of products and services, ranging from customisable restroom cubicle designs, premium seating systems and also users’ fixtures within the restroom environment.

BESCO™’s success today in supporting multi-national companies around the globe lies in our passion for driving value innovation across the company. We share our success with a few renowned brands in the world namely, Kotobuki, Mitsubishi from Japan. Vectair, Audience Systems from United Kingdom, Interkal from USA, Quinette Gallay from France and Real Giant Seating from Taiwan.

R&D department was set up in the year 2007 and since then, BESCO™ started introducing smarter design and products to the market allowing others to have a brand new perception of what the future of restroom interior would be.

BESCO™ is a brand that aims to lead the way in technological innovations and focuses heavily on product breakthroughs. Every year, the ‘Dare to Dream’ spirit has driven a respectable portion of the organisation’s revenue being invested into R&D department to build new, creative ideas to better the lives of everyone. This eventually led to BESCO™ offering proprietary product and intelligent work processes being introduced to the industry.

Through marketing alliances, the BESCO™ brand can be found in 15 different countries and territories from as far as the European region. We are also actively participating in exhibitions to reach out to interested business partners around the world.

Today, BESCO™ has achieved recognition as one of the leading industry leaders for managing space in Singapore. Our vision is to be recognised as one of the world leaders in managing space not only as a Singapore company but as a global player.