Zenolite® Plus is the superior high gloss decorative panel for shower walls, bathroom partitions and other high traffic areas around the home or commercial environments. Zenolite® Plus is easy to install and will not scratch, crack, warp, stain or discolor from normal household or commercial use.

Rapid Installation
Zenolite® Plus is easy to work with and can be installed rapidly over new or existing surface finishes.
• Convenient and effective panel size
• No grouting and less joints
• Can be fabricated on site with normal woodworking tools
• Joints can be sealed with neutral cure transparent or colour matched silicone

Easy to maintain
Zenolite® Plus is easy to clean using warm water and a soft microfiber cloth or chamois. Strong chemicals are not required.
• Non-stick surface will not harbour mould, soap or calcium build up
• Easy to clean non porous ultra hygienic surface
• Highly resistant to typical bathroom and glass cleaners

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